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`.*chaRmed guRls*.'

guRls just wanna have fuN!

a c0mmUNITY 4 guRls tHat LovE Charmed*
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this is a community dedicated to gurls that simply love charmedand to share all they're charmed goodies and want to have fun.

Rules and Guidelines:
1.have fun this community is dedicated to having charmed fun.
2.no rude comments allowed:if you dont have anything nice to say don't!
3.all posts require charmed topics but off topic posts are not neglected.
4.respect others thoughts and they will respects yourz
5.no comment wars it will result in banning if necessary
6.no morethan 5 icons or image bigger than 400x400px.all other icons or images must be behind an lt cut tag.
6.most importantly GIRLS ONLY!

charmedgurls is a girls only charmed fan community if dont like charmed don't join!

there are no requirements to join but you must copy and paste this small questionare below so we can get to know ya:}

::::begin copy here::::
4.fav. charmed character-
5.fav. episode-
6.why you joined this community-
::::end copy here::::